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91X Click Picks

Here's your chance to make your suggestion about what we'll play soon on 91X! Below is a list of twelve random songs from our music library. Submit your favorite song from the list and we'll tell you when to expect you'll hear your selection.

Repeat submissions to Click Picks are limited, to allow everyone to have a chance for input.

Pick your favorite of these 12 songs
  Artist Song Title
Orwells, The Who Needs You
Foster the People Houdini
Pearl Jam Fixer, The
Street Corner Champs Get Out
Jake Bugg Lightning Bolt [Single]
Rise Against Audience of One
Cazals Somebody, Somewhere
Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars
Holychild Pretend Believe
Cracker Good Life, The
Chiodos 3 AM
Death Vessel Mercury Dime

Wednesday, August 20, 2014