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This is such an awesome station its soo kool how ulm has its own radio station! yay for you!!
I have one message directed to whomever makes the playlists that would include songs from groups like Korn, Earshot, Hot Hot Heat, The Strokes, Hoobastank, Thursday, Talkrock, Coldplay, and the like. That message is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
I was happy to find your internet stream after I learned you were playing an Upside song. I listened to your countdown Saturday and have been hooked since. You play a nice mix of bands I'm not familiar with (corporate radio is so repetitious). I marked that you are my second choice, but you may be climbing.
i have a question. the band "romantica", where in the hell can i find that album, the with "on my mind" on it?
i love this station. its the only one i listen to when i'm online. i'd listen to it in my car too, but since i live in illinois, that's a little hard to do.
i just wanted to know what the name of the artist and the song that has the lyrics, "i break in two over you."
i just started listening on the web so that i can listen to this **** all the time!
i love you guys but ruston's pick up totally bites! please play some more eisley. i love them!!
What is that song that goes "and I was like WHATEVER" "This is my United States of whatever" ... Who sings it?
I'm lookin for this song that goes something like ... "I dont want to make things any worse, I dont want to speak these words." Thats all I know of it pretty much and I have no clue who sings it.