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Love your station! Y'all play great music that's not too mainstream and you can't find that often. Just wondering where I could find some of the albums you guys play. Should I look to order online or will somewhere like the mall have them in stock?
I just wanted to let u guys know how awsome u guys are!! U guys are all i listen to ... great taste ... lol ... u guys are the bombdiggity and u need to keep it that way ... cept u need to play some more older stuff ... u know ... like not just the new releases!! u know
I am an evacuee from Sulphur, LA and the radio around Monroe usually sucks when I am here visiting. I tuned into Xroads and haven't turned it off. AAA is my fave and there's nowhere in SWLA playing the stuff. I was disappointed to read that Xroads only takes place on the weekend. Guess I'll give the modern rock a chance.
The absolute best!
LOVE YOUR STATION! I have for years!
(From a U.S. Army network address) time for ur first HATE mail ... SIKE! i love u guys ... u keep me going even though im so far away from home ... u guys are my slice of the pie i was accualy able to savor and bring with me ... and by pie i mean secs ... yeah u guys are as good as a memory of good secs ... seriously what could be hawter for a radio station?
Thanks a lot. Y'all really help ease the pains of so many students who tend to worry too much while school is in session (like myself).
91x rocks ... its like the all~american past time of paperfootball
I must say something y'all hear a lot, Y'all are awesome!
Ok i couldn't find anywhere else to email so i guess this is ok. I have a question about a song you guys played Monday night but it was actually like 1:00 a.m. i have no idea who sings it or what its called but close to the end of the song it was something like hold me as i die. I only caught the end of it so thats all in know. It was kind of a slow rock song (i think) at least the end sounded that way. So if yall have any idea what song that could possibly be please let me know. Thanks! 91X Rocks!