91X's Top 5 Songs

  1. LMK
  2. Howl!
  3. Hey, Are You Listening?
  4. Starflyer 59
  5. On & Off
  6. Maggie Rogers
  7. Unicorn
  8. Jane N' The Jungle
  9. Jewels
  10. Perpetuals

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Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Relative Humidity: 94%
Wind: Calm
Visibility: 8.00 miles
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Audience Feedback

Thank God for 91.1! After graduating from ULM in 1999, I moved to Dallas and have yet to find a station that comes anywhere close to KXUL. I listen everyday at work over the net. If it where not for 91.1, I would never hear any REAL alternative music on the radio. Keep it up!
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