91X's Top 5 Songs

  1. I Can't Read
  2. Sylmar
  3. Destined To Fall
  4. Stepping Sideways
  5. Lose Your Smile
  6. Beach House
  7. Thousand Different Faces
  8. Sleepwar
  9. Illuminate
  10. Danger Silent

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Audience Feedback

91X, what is up!!!! ya'll are so stinkin awesome ... you seriously kick major donkey ... so, i heard a song tonight (1-12) that started at 6:49/50 and ended @ 6:53/54, and i wasn't anywhere near a computer, but the song was rockin ... could u tell me what song it was and who sings it? i couldn't write down the lyrics either b/c i was driving ... let me know! keep up your grooviness =o)
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