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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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Thank you for playing Post Hoc! New band from Phoenix, Arizona! They love 91x too! 91x is great!! Great DJs too!!
91x is my favorite station!! Has been since 1990. They are excellent at playing all types of new musicians c. Phoenix, Arizona’s Post Hoc, is a great example of that!
Love listening to 91X! Man am I glad I can now listen on my road trips again!
Wow - pride in my school. Thank you for throwing in: Staples, Mavis - down in Mississippi.
Love that you guys play ONTOLOGICS!!!!
91.1 makes my life better. The music is inspiring. The music matches the times. A new era. Many blessings to you. Doyle
Really amazing! I listen to your musik every day since I've found it on itunes. Really great student-musik to learn and to make party! Best wishes from Hoxter (Germany)! :) Daniel
Duncan Pompano here feeling homesick for Monroe & listening via the web from South Africa, can you put on some Kings of Leon for me? Reminds me of driving in my car with the windows down and the radio on full.
This was the only station I listened to when I lived in Monroe, on a recent trip back it reminded me how great this station was and NOTHING compares to it. I live in Dallas now and just found you online. My life is great now! NEVER Change!!!
I love the song selections and no commercials. Only thing, I don't care for the world cafe and cross roads on sundays. Sundays I don't listen to 91.1 at all. Thanks for playing great music! Oh also, I like to be able to play 91.1 on my computer no matter where I am!!!