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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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I live in Salt Lake City. I found your station on the web and I am always listening when I'm online now. I love what you play. And thank you for playing Nickel Creek. I love them, and I have never heard one of their songs on the radio. I like how you aren't trying to fit into anyone's mold.
I've already raved about the station in the past. I just wanted to request that you find a way to list the songs on "World Cafe" in your recap section. I've heared some great stuff today and the artists would be well served by me knowing who they were.
What is the possiblity of the station expanding its coverage area? Is it a funding issue with the university or what? It would be great to have better coverage in Ruston.
I love it!!! I have been so ecstatic since I found you ... and when I move to Monroe from Denver in 3 weeks, you will become the ONLY thing I will listen on the airwaves ... AWESOME radio ...
I enjoy this station above all others! I have a playlist going with songs like "the blower's daughter" Damien Rice, "postman" The Prez of US, "telescope eyes" Eisley, "betrayal" the black maria, "into my blood" Carina Round, "all the best dreams" Codeseven, etc. I love the diversity of the music selection but i would like to see more "nu metal" bands. ha ha! i just cursed online! I love old finger eleven, chevelle, nonpoint, and other bands of that nature. Also i am a huge huge huge Fiona Apple fan!!!! There should be a new show called Teacher's Pet and the slogan should be "An Apple a day" ha ha! i know i would listen! If nothing else, please play some old finger eleven. I would like to hear songs from "tip" and "the grayest of blue skies". Heck how about digging up some Rainbow Butt Monkeys! that was the bands name when they were fresh out of high school! it is pretty good stuff!
(From Quebec, Canada) A great music choice, one of the best campus radio in North America.
I hope your station stays on the air FOREVER.
Oh my gosh, I just love this station. Even though I just started listening a few years ago. There was no other station I heard, that would play Good Charlotte's first song. So when I heard it on your station, I knew I was home. And of course I love Sugar Cult too. You guys play songs that other radio stations go "we don't play that". 91X rocks. I love crossroads too. Again you guys rock!
Where is the webcam! I am an alumnus of ULM (BA, 92) WAY up here in North Pole, Alaska (yep, the town is called North Pole). Today it is sunny, 10 degrees and the snow is still thigh deep ... I REALLY want to catch a glimpse of "home"! I have been checking for months and so far the webcam has been down. I am redirected to the homepage, but again, nothing. PLEASE get it running!
I am a ULM alumni (1988) and I am now living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love the fact that I can tune into 91X and feel a little closer to home! Thanks!