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I heard you guys play a song with the lyrics "confidence fading...", could you direct me to a place where I could download this song, it was swell!
Around 6:30-7:00 Friday night, December 23 (specific, I know), I heard a song on 91X and it just really stuck with me. Problem? I can only remember one line. It's something like, "You can't tell me (or us) what to do anymore" and I've looked up the line all day but can only find 'Free' by Vast. And that's not it. For some reason it reminded me of The Killers. Anyone have any ideas?
Just wanted to say you guys are the best station out there playing exactly what I like to hear. I think you all should do a HomeGrown music deal where you play only local music during that time. I think you would get some great ratings off of a program like that. Plus it will help us starving artist out here get our sound heard. Thanks keep up the great work.
I listen to KXUL every day from my Nova Southeastern University dorm room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The college radio here sucks! BUT KXUL RULES!