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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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I really like hearing The Mary Dream. I bought the CD because of hearing it here. Thanks!
I love this station. It's definitely my favorite. However, can I make a request? Try more (or, just play it, since I haven't heard it yet) Depeche Mode, Radiohead, things like that. The sound is killer. However, other than that, I'm loving it. You guys have turned me on to a lot of bands I hadn't even heard of. Thanks!
Just discovered this station today. Reminds me that I'm not the only one out there who still listens to good music. I'm right outside of Ruston so I don't get too good of a connection, but regardless of some static, I'd still pick 91X over any station.
I am a ULM alumni. I fell in love with the station while I was in Monroe and now I can listen here in Maryland. I am slowly persuading others here to listen as well. Keep up the great work!
I was trying to find out the a name of song and it was not announced. so I checked the website under the SONG RECAP funtion and it only diplayed songs that will be played at a later time. I song that interested me was played right around 11:40 am. Please write back. Or help me understand how to use your website. Thanks have great day.
Why does this site keep going down? For the past couple of weeks, it seems every other day I haven't been able to get access.
You girls/guys are so awesome! I love that you have no commercials and tell all the names of your songs, although I don't always catch it. But that's where your totally awesome website comes in!!! You play all of my favourite bands, like Oasis and Augustana and Copeland (Notice my e-mail address; my last name is Copeland!). I go to sleep listening to your station. It's on my stereo from the moment I come in from school to the moment I dash out the door to catch the bus in the morning. My friends and I don't even bother with any other radio stations. They suck. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!!!!!
Was driving through Monroe listening to lousy music on the radio and picked up your station; loved it! You haven't helped my productivity but I love being at work so I can listen online. By the way, where can I download a snowleopards song?
i used to listen to your station all the time before i moved to the Chicago area. now im trying to remember all the great mid 90's alternative rock bands that you guys ussed to play, is there any chance your station can send me a list of the top 40's from the mid 90's so i can find those bands i used to enjoy rockin out to so much?
(From Houston, Texas) Hello ... I don't listen to your radio ... But I wanted to check out some webcams .... And it's hard to find good webcams. Because a whole lot of them, like yours, show pictures of buildings. (??)....When people want to check out webcams, they (myself among them) want to see PEOPLE! ... Not a big pile of bricks. Why don't you set up a webcam where there are usually some people? ... Thanks....