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I just moved to the San Antonio area last month, and my radio station (91.1) is all that I miss from Louisisna. Fortunately I can listen on the web.
I love your station! I go to Tech but I prefer your radio station over most in the area. I've been searching for this type of station of years. Keep it going.
My room mate and his band (Eyes Around) are from Monroe, some of which actually graduated from ULM. They always spoke highly of this station, so the first time I went to Monroe with them, I made sure to listen. It definitely did not disappoint. You guys play incredible music that the radio stations here (Huntsville, Alabama) would never even consider playing ... probably never even heard of. When I found out you had an online broadcast, I was ecstatic! I make sure to have you guys going on my computer at work whenever possible! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!
Yes, you do kick it! Well I just heard Pearl Jam's Wash and was surprised for the pick. Great Job station programer! I have actually been pleasantly surprised by quite a few musical choices including The Smashing Pumpkins and that wonderful Radiohead!!! Keep Lovin It!!
(From the LA Tech campus) Great website and station ... I just wish KLPI was half as good as you guys. Quick question, where did you guys get your website template from? (If it is a template) Keep up the great work and quality programing!
I recently moved back to the area from the LA area in California. I still listen to KROQ online. There is a band that they have jumped on called Silversun Pickups. The song that is big right now is called "Lazy Eye". I think you guys should jump on this. You always beat every station around here with good quality songs. Anyway. Just a heads up. Keep up the good work.
(From Houston, Texas) Hello ... I don't listen to your radio ... But I wanted to check out some webcams .... And it's hard to find good webcams. Because a whole lot of them, like yours, show pictures of buildings. (??)....When people want to check out webcams, they (myself among them) want to see PEOPLE! ... Not a big pile of bricks. Why don't you set up a webcam where there are usually some people? ... Thanks....
Why does this site keep going down? For the past couple of weeks, it seems every other day I haven't been able to get access.
91X Rocks!
Hey again. I forgot to ask last time but theres this song you guys played in the late 90's that I thought was hilarious and I can't remember that much about it. Not sure how to explain what type of music it was but I guess you could say it was sorta jazzy, electronic, drum beat, samples and a guy talking on a mic saying "And now we have the asparagus". The part that sticks out the most is the end when a guy shouts, pretty angrly, something like" BLAH BLAH BLAH, BUT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BROTHER?!?!" Please help , this has been buggin me for years.