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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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(From Metairie, Louisiana) I want to thank you for the campus cam. I am the grandmother of one of the students at ULM. Its nice to see the campus. It kind of makes the miles seem less. Thanks again.
KXUL 91X still kicks a** like they always have!!!
I listen to KXUL every day from my Nova Southeastern University dorm room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The college radio here sucks! BUT KXUL RULES!
Looks like you guys are picking up speed in Conway, AR!!! Your format is like no other. Keep up the good work.
(From a University of California Santa Cruz residence hall) I found this radio station when I was in Louisiana visiting my grandparents, and man, you rocked me to my bones! I heard some of my absolute favorite bands that never get radio play! Now that I'm back in California, I still love to listen. You kick the snot out of practically any other radio station across the country that I've heard. Keep up the good work!
91X is totally one of my favorite stations, and I've discovered a lot of bands I now love thanks to you guys.
I'm an alumni of the College of Business. Graduated when I was 26 and now Rockin at 48 with 91X. Houston Based. Houston Proud. Study hard. Work hard. Party hard!!!
You guys are totally rockin today! 91x kicks it so keep it up.
I'm french, and it's a great way for me to discover new bands, your radio rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You guys truly rock.