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(Submitted by an associate of a band played on 91X) What is the future of the kxul.com web stream considering the recent congressional rulings? Does this affect college radio?
I'd just like to apologize for my previous post. I was mistaken; the website has changed. Although I've been listening to kxul on the radio for many years, I've only listened to it via the web and interacted with the website only since I moved out of the state.
When was the last time you guys updated the kxul website? It's looked exactly the same for the past ten years! I'd like a different look to my home page!
ok ... i LOVE this song but i have no idea who sings it ... it says 'tonight the sky is painted, tonight the sky is painted. melencholy and the wind sings songs...' or at least i think that's what it says.. but could you please tell me the name of this?
what the song that say's 'bringing me down to feel this lack of loyalty'?? or something like that. love the song i just have no idea who sings it..
Who is this band?! Started out with slow bass and part of lyrics are, "...chance on you.." The intro reminded me of a Jimmy eat World song. I heard it April 25 at around 8ish. Thanks!
Hey again. I forgot to ask last time but theres this song you guys played in the late 90's that I thought was hilarious and I can't remember that much about it. Not sure how to explain what type of music it was but I guess you could say it was sorta jazzy, electronic, drum beat, samples and a guy talking on a mic saying "And now we have the asparagus". The part that sticks out the most is the end when a guy shouts, pretty angrly, something like" BLAH BLAH BLAH, BUT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BROTHER?!?!" Please help , this has been buggin me for years.
I hope 91.1 stays on for a very long time. You all are doing a great job and you bring some flava to ULM! Thanks
I heard a song the other day and I was unable to get on here to see who it was or even catch an artist or song name. However the only line I remember is "crying crying crying (not sure how many times they say that) until you cannot not sleep." And I think the next part of the chorus was "crying crying crying until you cannot breathe."
Recently you guys have been playing a new Editors song, "Heads in Bags," which I really love. However, that song wasn't on the band's most recent album. Is it on some single or promo or what? Keep up the great work, by the way - I've been a dedicated listener for 15 years now, and I see no reason to stop.