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Just wanted to say you guys are the best station out there playing exactly what I like to hear. I think you all should do a HomeGrown music deal where you play only local music during that time. I think you would get some great ratings off of a program like that. Plus it will help us starving artist out here get our sound heard. Thanks keep up the great work.
KXUL rocks!!! Okay, I have a quick question. How is the weekly top 40 compiled? Who votes?
(From The Netherlands) The station has a good modern-rock sound. I love the music. Keep on rocking!!!
Hola! I need help finding a song ... I've tried Googling it but nothing has come up. I heard it this morning. It has male vocals ... and the lyrics talk about how the best xmas present he could get was her not showing up ... "Don't come home for xmas. I don't want to see you under the tree." If you could help me with this, I would love you forever. Wait ... I already do. 91X is my current obsession!
Is there any way to listen to the stream via iTunes? Thanks for your assistance.
I cannot find the name of this song, girl artist, the start is "I had a dream I lived next door to me, and what I say was pure insanity.
You guys are totally rockin today! 91x kicks it so keep it up.