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u guys rox my black socks. ive not changed the station since i found it. ive told tons of people about your station and now they only listen to u guys. p.s. please play "little razorblade" by the pink spiders. keep on rockin.
you just blow me away with how on top you are with the best of sound! ... just a quick one ... i heard a song the other day while passing across north louisiana ... always tune into your station ... anyway ... "when you close your eyes ... do you like what you see" ... was involved in the song ... any help would help ... peace ... and thanks!
i am trying to stream through itunes. if it is possible, what is the url that i need to open?
I've been listening to college radio, and commercial alternative stations since 1982. KXUL is one of the finest, if not possibly the best.
I just heard some band cover a old Buzzcocks song "Fallin in Love with". Who's doing the cover? Is there anyone local interested in playing this kind of music? (Iggy Pop, MC5, Clash, etc.)
love your station. i'm originally from oak grove and have grown up listening. you guys need to update your web page though. thanks.
I really love this station and it's all I ever listen to. However I do think it would be awesome if you guys could play some Tool songs. Also I did a library search on 311 and the song "Creatures" is from the album Evolver, not From Chaos. Just tring to help, but keep it up! I love 91x!
Keep up the excellent work. I enjoy your formula for playing the music you do seven days a week. Don't change a thing. I recommend this station to friends ALL the time.
that song by Damone, "out here all night" is one catchy tune. Usually not too into all the girl bands and stuff, but they can 'get their rock on.' Keep on playin' that song!
I so enjoy the station ... didn't know I could listen over the internet, will try it