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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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Discovered your station last week on vacation and I am HOOKED! Glad I can get in online, just wish I could get it in the car here in Dallas area!
I listen to you guys from Bangkok, Thailand. It's still my favorite station and I've been all over the place.
Thanks for playing great music. And new music too ... that's the real great thing about your station. I've discovered some great new stuff listening to you. Including OK GO, and the band ZUU. Thanks!
Your "Listen Live" has been down for over 1 week. Do you know when it will be fixed? I hope you guys aren't doing away with it. I miss your station. I hope "Listen Live" is back up and running soon.
91X kicks it ... brings it back ... and kicks it again!
Just letting you guys know I really dig the station. You're always playing new and interesting music, and since moving to Monroe for the summer I've broadened the genres in which I hold interests in. Who knew I'd actually like emocore? Beautimous, your kung-fu is.
Looks like you guys are picking up speed in Conway, AR!!! Your format is like no other. Keep up the good work.
I adore EVERYTHING about this station ... I can't stand to even try to listen to an other ... 91x plays music that no other station has probably never even heard of. I always turn on my radio and alway hear one of my favorite songs, and if I don't know it, by the time the songs over I'm in love with it. Thanx for being the BEST music station in the world! 91x is kick a**! :]
To the person that wrote the ditty about 91X not playing avant-guard music yadda, yadda, yadda ... turn the channel. I live, work, play in NYC and simply LOVE the music I hear on this station. The radio sucks in NYC and my ipod is apparently past its shelf life, says the geniuses at the Genius Bar ... (BIG SURPRISE!) ... it hasn't worked in months so I tune in to this little station in my home state of all places .... which frankly, in the late 70's I couldn't WAIT to leave ... So, keep keepin it real kids!
I listen at work and i love it!!! crashbox is my favorite new band you play!