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91X is totally one of my favorite stations, and I've discovered a lot of bands I now love thanks to you guys. I just have a question (and I would be SOOOOOO happy if someone got back to me via my email) about a song I heard, but missed the title and artist of. The lyrics I remember are, "Getting down in a town that makes no sense." Pleeeease someone tell me!
I'm an alumni of the College of Business. Graduated when I was 26 and now Rockin at 48 with 91X. Houston Based. Houston Proud. Study hard. Work hard. Party hard!!!
You guys are totally rockin today! 91x kicks it so keep it up.
I loved 91X when I was a student and I still love it now. Thanks for keeping the great music coming. Enjoy listening via web at work.
91X is the bomb, i found it about a year ago and since, I've been adicted. it has all of the types of music that i didn't even realize that i liked because u can't get it anywhere else. I found a new band that 91X dosnt play and i hope that they will add "FAMILY FORCE 5" to their music library. the only album that i know of at this time is "BUISINESS UP FRONT/PARTY IN THE BACK" (2006). But like i said 91X is just freekin awesome. keep doin wachu do 91X. rock on.
I'm impressed - I'm from outta town (working down here for the summer), and the first time i heard you guys, you were playing the good luck joes - who all went to high school with me. you guys instantly earned a new fan. Keep kickin it!
I love 91X. It's the onlu place to hear this kind of music around here. Thanks for delivering the tunes.
I prefer the older format, before you became 91X
You guys are totally rockin today! 91x kicks it so keep it up.
hey! i listen all the time i appreciate all the canucks being played and miss older songs i used to hear and a few artists you stopped playing and also im looking to apply/volunteer for a job, is it only done by forms and is experience required? oh for jam sessions could radford, live, stabbing westward, pearl jam, our lady peace, matthew good (band), tori amos, and alanis morissette be done?! there are others but im drawing a blank now, thanks so much! and tres bien to all the fellas at 91X! you all have handsome radio voices, eh!