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I graduated from NLU in 96 and moved to Palo Alto, CA and assumed there would be plenty of comparable stations in the Bay Area, given that there are 8 million folks here. In 13 years and traveling from coast to coast, and now, with internet radio, globally. I have yet to find a station that can hold your jockstrap. Keep it up!
I've been a big 91x fan for a very long time. I moved around a lot growing up, and living in Winnsboro, Louisiana at random times in my life and being a lot different than anybody in that area, I would search the air waves trying to pick up a decent station ... and eventually I came across 91x about 10 years ago when I was 16. It was like a little haven for me, where we still didn't even have internet access readily available, only a lot of dirt. I ended up going to college at ULM and now live in Houston, Texas, and it's still my favorite station, and I still recommend it to friends as the best internet station available to date. I hope you don't change the type of music you play or the person that does the choosing of the songs, bc it's just right the way it is ... about 50% is lesser-known college/indie rock, about 35% of it are songs most ppl would recognize, about 15% of it is local music, and exactly 0% of it is commercials. It doesn't get more perfect than that, keep up the great work guys!
Great music all the time! I always find new music that I LOVE! I just heard The Sunny Era for the first time and they are fantastic! Very intriguing music. Thanks 91X for introducing me to so much...
Please, please make your "Listen Live" available for iTunes for the Mac.
I went to attended college at ULM in 1991 and remember this radio station being incredible back then. I'm amazed at how cool it still is today. I found it on iTunes and listen to it while working on the computer. I am a firm believer that the radio stations of a town or in the case college campus pretty much defines the demographics of that town/campus, which in this case indicates ULM and Monroe is still cool! I've traveled all over the country and this station totally is one of the best I've ever heard. The format is right on and it makes me proud to be a ULM alum! DON'T CHANGE! It's pretty sad when it is Friday and you don't want to leave work because you will not be able to listen to 91x. Pretty sad indeed! What does that say about how incredible this radio format is?
I have been listening since 1979 when I moved here. Please do not change the new rock programming ever. We are very privledged to have a new rock radio station in such a small town. I would like you to mix in older stuff you played in the 80's -- The Cults first and secound album and Smashing Pumpkins first and secound album. Thanks for the wonderful radio station. Many larger cities do not a new rock station. We are blessed to have KXUL.
Good tropo enhancement this morning, hearing KXUL/91X over the air up in Star City, AR (Lincoln County). I had to null out the semi-local noxious AFR station on 91.1FM (KANX) but what a way to wake up this morning. Didn't know y'all had RDS also. Worst thing though is that hearing this distracts me from other DXing this morning. KXUL is an oasis on the radio dial in NE LA, and while great FM radio is hard to find, its out there.
Discovered your station last week on vacation and I am HOOKED! Glad I can get in online, just wish I could get it in the car here in Dallas area!
I listen to you guys from Bangkok, Thailand. It's still my favorite station and I've been all over the place.
HEY LISTENERS ... iTunes (version 9) will now play our SHOUTcast AAC+ stream! We've been waiting for them to catch on and upgrade their player for five years now. You will also find 91X listed as an iTUnes College/University radio station. The AAC+ stream provides better quality than the more familiar MP3 streams at the same bandwidth.