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(From the LA Tech campus) Great website and station ... I just wish KLPI was half as good as you guys. Quick question, where did you guys get your website template from? (If it is a template) Keep up the great work and quality programing!
I recently heard "life on the line" while listening ... I thought that it was a good song, but when i searched for the cd i found nothing (internet, itunes, Sam Goody) ... Where Can I get this CD?!!
there is a song that I can't remember the name but it goes something like this "I and I and me and me ... it's all about me." Those are the words I remember. Can you tell me who this is and/or the song title?
I've been searching for over 5 years now for a song once played on this radio station. The song was played sometime around 2000 - 2001. I don't know the name of the song or the band and have never heard it played anywhere but here. All I can remember is a chorus section with the words "Break them bones". This song has a gothic/ghostly sound to it. The main vocals are a sort of whispering duet between a man and a woman. Sound familiar? I'm stumped!
Hey I just heard this great track "Song of the Manatee" by Fair to Midland. Have to say the vocals really caught my attention and was just wondering where I could get the cd with that track on it. Looked on itunes and band website amongst other places but I'm not seeing it. Guess you guys are just privileged and got the track before the new cd is released maybe? Help please.
I hope 91.1 stays on for a very long time. You all are doing a great job and you bring some flava to ULM! Thanks
Why does this site keep going down? For the past couple of weeks, it seems every other day I haven't been able to get access.
91X ... what's up with the censored version of "Big Wheel" by Tori Amos? Y'all were playing the album version until about a week or so ago. It's not even bad enough to be censored. Just curious ... 91X Rocks!
My wife and I were driving back from Arkansas, Monday evening, listening to 91.1 ... I guess it was around 8 to 9 p.m. Anyway, there was an awesome tune that came on that I didn't get a title nor a band name for. It was a very 'shoegazer' type sound like Ride or My Bloody Valentine or early Curve. The song had very etheral female vocals. That's it ... I can't remember any lyrics or anything. Like I said, it was played between 8 and 9 p.m. Monday (5-14-07) night ... or right around that time.
(Submitted by an associate of a band played on 91X) What is the future of the kxul.com web stream considering the recent congressional rulings? Does this affect college radio?