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91x rocks ... its like the all~american past time of paperfootball
I must say something y'all hear a lot, Y'all are awesome! But I do have a question about a certain song, I'm not sure if I even have to lyrics right, but I think they go something like this, "Say you want me to be there, be there in the end, write me a letter, write me a letter...." I could be wrong, that wouldn't suprise me, but if you can inform me of who sings that song and the title ... well y'all would be even more awesome.
Ok i couldn't find anywhere else to email so i guess this is ok. I have a question about a song you guys played Monday night but it was actually like 1:00 a.m. i have no idea who sings it or what its called but close to the end of the song it was something like hold me as i die. I only caught the end of it so thats all in know. It was kind of a slow rock song (i think) at least the end sounded that way. So if yall have any idea what song that could possibly be please let me know. Thanks! 91X Rocks!
i am a former student of nlu and a long time listener to your station (great music travels far). a couple of years ago, a band called houston released a song called "ugly tree" and i have it stuck in my head like a peaceful migraine. anyway, i have searched to no end to find their album with no luck. i know it's probrably hopeless, but i just had to ask if anyone there could help.
How is your Top 40 list chosen? Is it based off of the Click Picks, or is it something else?
I heard this song yesterday, July 19th, around 10:30 a.m. I think it was called The Age of Enlightenment, but I'm not sure. I can't remember who sang it either. I've tried searching for it on the internet, but have come up empty-handed. It was such a cool song. I wish I knew the title and artist. Does anyone know what i'm talking about?
What is the song that goes like this: with you I'm truly in my element in my element with you? And is there any way to get that Days Away song, or the Marjorie Fair one? I go to La Tech, and I'm not a big ULM fan. But I have to say, your station kicks ours' a**. Just thought you should know. Okay. Bye.
Yes, 91X is great. such a relief from 'catchy', giddy, over rated, meaningless 'music'. (AND NO COMMERCIALS!) anyway, had a question: what is the name of the band that sings the song about "amanda" (first line is something like "amanda, where did you find these guys now?") that you've been playing some, and what is the actual name of the song?
PLEASE play me some Bo Bice. I love him and his music. Thanks and keep us the great work.
I heard a song on Sunday's x-roads and I don't know the name of it, but it played about 6:50pm or 7:00pm. The lyrics go as follow and it is a female singing: "You're in Heaven, this is heaven now ... You're in Heaven." It's really dreamy, but I liked it and wanna know who sings the song and what the title is so I can purchase it.