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you guys play all my favorite bands, ex; blink-182, chevelle, the cure, green day, and brand new, I just wish you guys would play some good old marilyn manson. whether or not you take my addvice I'll always be loyal to 91.1!!!
SPC(p)Hinton A.K.A: DaNoS DeH MaNoS(tm) here ... i moved from monroe to the DC/B~more area ... 100s of great stations around to be heard ... but i choose 91x and have since i moved here ... i am Army personnel working in communications over here ... and ive got about 5 people tunning in here as well ... keep up the great music and ill keep listening/spreading the word
Hey where did y'all get that version of "Hello" by Poe you played at 3:28pm on 2-22-05? Can't find it. Love 91X. Keep up the great work!
You guys are awsome but I need your help. I've heard a song on your station that I can't find who sings it. Its a country version of the Metallica song Hero of the Day. Please email me if you have that thanks!
I am getting ready to be transferred to Monroe from Denver Via Olive Garden Management. I did a "google" for radio stations in the area and was absolutely thrilled to find such a open-minded alternative/modern rock station!! I now feel much better about moving to the deep south from the rocky mountains knowing that there is fabulous music to listen to. Great job on selections and overall content ... I am extremely pleased ... got a couple of ideas tho ... How bout creating a Bulletin Board for us all to get to know each other and possibly a request feature?? I won't know anyone down there, and music is such a great way to share and get to know people ... just an idea ... I hope to truly enjoy Monroe ... I'll see ya'll in about 6 weeks!
From a Monroe native currently living in Denver. Compared to local stations here and internet streams nationwide, the playlist from KXUL is unsurpassed. I've been a listener since about '89, and I have yet to hear a station even close. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to good music, for so long.
91X is FLIPPIN awsome -- i listen to it like all the time -- you guys play the best music ever!!!!
Love y'all as usual but what's with your RealAudio G2 stream not working half the time? RealAudio 5 only comes through at 16Kbps. Windows never works right. I'm in Dallas so it's the only way I get to listen.
Is it possible to listen over the web using iTunes?
You guys are doing a great job except you need to up your signal so we can hear you better in Ruston. If only KLPI at Tech could be half the station you are. Quick question, what is the band that sings the song with the lyrics: "Come on the guys a jerk, what do you love him for, and it was my mistake just kicking in his door." I never can catch who sings it when ya'll announce it. I think it was in the top 40 but can't figure out which one.