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Far, FAR be it from me to criticize in any way the programming choices on the greatest radio station that has ever played a song, BUT - is there some reason you guys are not playing any "Franz Ferdinand"? Is that too mainstream - wrong label or something? It's an excellent album and I've heard them compared favorably to Modest Mouse and called "the best new band in Britain." Just curious. 91X does, in fact, kick it
I've never lived anywhere that had a station like this. It's awesome! And i love that i can catch the station even as far as columbia or winnsboro. I love that i can put it on 91.1 and there's always a song i like playing. keep it up ya'll!
Your Sunday program is the best I've listened to. Keep up the great work.
Well, I am at a relative's house in Rayville, Louisiana; I am currently here because of Hurricane Rita. This radio station is the best around here AND where I live(d). You guys play good music. Keep up the good work! :-) --Lauren, originally from Orange, Texas.
I was listening online the first time you played Sigur Ros. I immediately opened a new browser to find the band's website and bought their new CD, "Takk". This is why I love 91.1: you always bring such incredible new music! Thank you!!
I am an evacuee from Sulphur, LA and the radio around Monroe usually sucks when I am here visiting. I tuned into Xroads and haven't turned it off. AAA is my fave and there's nowhere in SWLA playing the stuff. I was disappointed to read that Xroads only takes place on the weekend. Guess I'll give the modern rock a chance.
The absolute best!
The only radio station I'll ever listen to.
i really enjoy the variety of music. i also enjoy a break from the other crap music and talk radio. i.e. fm102 in the morning ... some people shouldnt be allowed to speak to the public.
you guys have been doing it right for so many years now, it's quite rediculous! I discovered 91X almost 10 years ago on a family trip to Flordia and I always know what to listen to between S'port and Vicksburg on I-20 when I'm passing thru northern LA. Anywho, props on the AAC+ stream! Any chance yall might bump the quality up a bit to say 48kbps? I mean I wish yall had a 128kpbs mp3 stream ... that would kick! Keep indie rocking on 91X!