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I just wanted to let u guys know how awsome u guys are!! U guys are all i listen to ... great taste ... lol ... u guys are the bombdiggity and u need to keep it that way ... cept u need to play some more older stuff ... u know ... like not just the new releases!! u know
91X shakes it like a polariod picture
you guys have been doing it right for so many years now, it's quite rediculous! I discovered 91X almost 10 years ago on a family trip to Flordia and I always know what to listen to between S'port and Vicksburg on I-20 when I'm passing thru northern LA. Anywho, props on the AAC+ stream! Any chance yall might bump the quality up a bit to say 48kbps? I mean I wish yall had a 128kpbs mp3 stream ... that would kick! Keep indie rocking on 91X!
i really enjoy the variety of music. i also enjoy a break from the other crap music and talk radio. i.e. fm102 in the morning ... some people shouldnt be allowed to speak to the public.
The only radio station I'll ever listen to.
you dont even understand how many days you have saved for me ... simply by playing good music. will you mary me, 91X?
I must say something y'all hear a lot, Y'all are awesome!
Used to Live in Winnsborro, then moved to Austin TX, and even in the live music capital of the world, the best radio station I've ever heard is 91.1. I just wish the webcast was more consistent; its down half the time I try, at least the one with decent fidelity (g2). I wish someone would fix it. Otherwise, love the programming, and the DJs, just, somebody prod the techies before they drown in a puddle of their own drool.
I was happy to find your internet stream after I learned you were playing an Upside song. I listened to your countdown Saturday and have been hooked since. You play a nice mix of bands I'm not familiar with (corporate radio is so repetitious). I marked that you are my second choice, but you may be climbing.
i love 91X but its so hard to pick it up in ruston! but i put up with static because its the only station that plays the music i love ... i dance every time i hear a weezer/modest mouse song come on!