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i love this station. its the only one i listen to when i'm online. i'd listen to it in my car too, but since i live in illinois, that's a little hard to do.
i just wanted to know what the name of the artist and the song that has the lyrics, "i break in two over you."
i just started listening on the web so that i can listen to this **** all the time!
i love you guys but ruston's pick up totally bites! please play some more eisley. i love them!!
i am listening via the web at work; paramedic with the new town, north dakota ambulance service ... in the heart of the fort berthold indian reservation ... on the bluffs of lake sakakawea. sunday night ... after ten pm cst ... i am sincerely enjoying the music ... with the live programmer. i come from northern minnesota ... home to the most incredible range of public broadcasting ... and am in kind of radio hell out here. i found you through the 'world cafe' website ... and glad i did. again ... wonderful music for a sunday night in the dakota badlands ... especially with a real live programmer. pass the word on to him ... he is making my night.
this is the only radio station i listen to. i have been for 3 years now from college in mn to my most recent lifestyle, ski bum in co. i mold my cd collection from your playlist. it is helpful to see the song recap. dont know what i'd do without kxul.
This is such an awesome station its soo kool how ulm has its own radio station! yay for you!!
I was wondering if you had an mp3 link for the song Amber's Monologue. I cant seem to find any of their music on the web, and I was hoping you could provide a listening link for that song. thanks thanks. by the way - i love world cafe. ... Oh wait isnt it autumn's?
I am a long time listener to 91X. I dont meen to bitch but whats up with the programing???? the new stuff sucks I meen "dash board confesionnal" come on you can do better than that. not only "DBC" but other sorry bands aswell. The main stream stuff is not what gave you your kick ass rep!! It was the "unheard of" bands that really rocked. ALthought Kirt Cobain is no longer whith us the music will never grow old. tool is nolonger a band but they still kick. and the guys that are bitchin that in my six years of listening I have never heard on this station AFI, HIM, the flogging mollies, placebo. Go for the guys that do it for the music not the money. Make the good choice and dont loose all the hard core 91X fans. thats all I gatta say for now. Remember all the good programing fron long ogo and just have fun ... seeya. P.S, put a 24 hours a day choice on the "when do you listen most to 91X?" list.
I'm a former ULM student, current Delta student, an advocate for and avid listener of 91X ... I used to hear requests on the station for volunteers. Do you still take volunteers? and if so, what are the requirements?