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Here's what some of our friends had to say about 91X. It's nice to know you folks like what we're doing! Keep those cards and letters (and e-mail) coming! Don't forget to add your comments to our Feedback Board!

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I love this station. It helps me mellow out and just forget about any problems I have. I am going to attend ULM in the Fall and I was wondering how I go about getting a job at the station.
Since '93, I've loved the station. Keep up the good work.
I'm not sure if it's just my quirky browser or what, but the last top 40 list you have listed on this website is from December 18. If you're still updating it weekly, it's a bit behind. Just wanted to bring that to your attention.
Hey, you guys just started playing the band "The Vanished" recently, but I have yet to be able to find it either in your music library or in the click picks ... when are you guys gonna update that? And are you just playing their song "Favorite Scar," or will you also be playing their other single, "Wake Up"? I sure hope so!!
91X kicks it! YES. hey guys i'm a ULM alum and live in AL now, i listen to 91X online cause the stations here suck a**. i love your selection ... always up to date on who's the next big thing, one question though, i love that song empathy by eyes around but i can't find any info on the band anywhere, any advice on who or where they're from and how i can get a disc. keep playing the good stuff. your loyal online fan.
I have been listening to your station off and on since the late sixties and your present format is the best ever. I am a 1970 grad of NLU. I listen to your station in my truck when I'm in the Monroe area and at work over the internet. I have had the opportunity to travel over much of the US and the very best station I've ever listened to is KXUL!!
Love the music! But ya'll need to play some more local bands. Listening from SA Town!
I was wondering why when you play Something Corporate you play multiple songs in a row.
I just moved here from Maumelle, AR and I just wanted to write and tell you guys how awesome it has been to listen to this station. Finally, a station that plays some Death Cab or Postal Service, I love you guys.
Your station rocks ma socks off! Gotta question tho ... heard a song the other day but couldn't get to the comp. to figure out what it was ... maybe you could help? i know some of the lyrics: "cause i was in love with a girl, when she was in love with the world" and those lyrics repeat several times in the song. Can ya help? Gracias amigos ... oh yeah, Rock on