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Ok I listen to the Cornerstone program all the time on Sunday mornings, because it's great to hear music like that around here, no where else can you. My question however is about a song that played. On Sunday, February 29th ... a song was played before noon ... it was a remake of Real Life - Send me an Angel ... and I would really like to know who it was. I really like the song (it was in 80's cult BMX movie Rad). So if you guys could provide me any help, I'd appreciate it thanks.
new music/no commercials. what could be better than that. 91X, I'm stuck on you since 1989.
I love the station, but you should consider some more lively D.J.'s. NO OFFENSE INTENDED!! Or, you could get them to liven up, otherwise you guys kick a**!
I love the New Rock you guys play dude. I wish you told the names more of the songs though. I was wondering, as a big fan -- can I make your site my home page? If so, how can I do this. Thank you -- Keep Shining 91X
i love this station and i think that yall play some of the greatest bands in the world, just keep it up. plus i would like to know a website that i might be able to find the band Houston on so i could buy their cd's. thanx.
Huh? Why am I hearing the likes of Alien Ant Farm and Blink on this station? Has 91X sold out? Did I just tune in at a bad time? I've also heard a very nasty rumor that you guys are switching over to play 'pop' also. Please ... Say it ain't so!
I live in Conway, Arkansas now, but I loved listening to your kick @$$ station! I love it! The music is awsome, the DJ's are great, and the location is so easy to find. I love it all ... MOVE TO ARKANSAS!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
So hey, how do you get a job at 91x? I heard that you have to be a full-time student at ULM and that it's totally volunteer work, that nobody gets paid ... is that true? Because I've been wanting to work for a radio station, but I gotta pay my bills, and I'm currently working on getting into college. 91X is by far my favorite station ever, and I've recommended it to many of my friends online ... I've never been into the pop scene, always been intrigued by the bands that hardly anyone's heard of, and it seems that about 85% of the bands and artists that you play are just that ... unknown.
the station is great and i was wondering if there are any legal problems with me linking to your internet broadcasts through my website. my friends are always asking what music i listen to and this would make it easier for me to show them since not all of them live in monroe.
I love this station. It helps me mellow out and just forget about any problems I have. I am going to attend ULM in the Fall and I was wondering how I go about getting a job at the station.