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I'm looking for the name and artist of a song that I've heard you guys play a few times. The chorus is something about "how can someone so inconsistent mess up so consistently...." I apologize for the lameness of having to come to the feedback board for such information. Thanks in advance though!
I was wondering if you could tell me the song title that has lyrics that go like this: 'and when we meet, we'll pretend....' I don't know exactly what comes next. Maybe 'that we're better off as friends' or 'like we never met at all'?
This station should be the ideal of all others: no ads, no hyperactive DJs who push the "canned applause" button WAY too often, local bands mixing with mainstream mixing with indie. Might I add a kickass website that is not too snobby to give frequent and helpful feedback? And a BIG thank you for featuring Ben Gibbard on today's Jam Session! Speaking of, could you help me out on the name of the latest Postal Service song y'all have started playing?
I'm lookin for this song that goes something like ... "I dont want to make things any worse, I dont want to speak these words." Thats all I know of it pretty much and I have no clue who sings it.
What is that song that goes "and I was like WHATEVER" "This is my United States of whatever" ... Who sings it?
Hey guys/gals, I'm a senior at ULM and I've been listening to KXUL since I was a nubile fourteen years old. The only thing I miss is: WHERE IS ALL THE LOCAL MUSIC?!?! Come on, there are some great bands in our fair city and THEY NEED SOME AIRPLAY! I can give you a lot of names, if you're interested, if not, you may promptly delete this email.
Used to Live in Winnsborro, then moved to Austin TX, and even in the live music capital of the world, the best radio station I've ever heard is 91.1. I just wish the webcast was more consistent; its down half the time I try, at least the one with decent fidelity (g2). I wish someone would fix it. Otherwise, love the programming, and the DJs, just, somebody prod the techies before they drown in a puddle of their own drool.
Could you help with the title and artist of a song you guys played frequently back in the fall? Something about "I'm on fire and I don't think I'm ready to bust a move..."? Thanks a lot.
Hey, any word on when My Vitriol's new album is coming out? BTW, any artists you can recommend that are similar to these guys? Still some of the best stuff I've heard in years.
Thank God for 91.1! After graduating from ULM in 1999, I moved to Dallas and have yet to find a station that comes anywhere close to KXUL. I listen everyday at work over the net. If it where not for 91.1, I would never hear any REAL alternative music on the radio. Keep it up!