91X Station Sponsorships

As a non-commercial station, 91X cannot accept advertising, as such. However, we can mention businesses which sponsor our programming, known as "Underwriting." Businesses are attracted to our significant audience and coverage area. Underwriting announcements credit businesses for their generosity without the hype of a traditional commercial.

Let's begin with a simple explanation of what underwriting is:

n 1: an on-air announcement acknowledging a business that supports a non-commercial radio station.
vb 2: the sponsoring of programming on a non-commercial radio station by a business.

In exchange for your contribution which supports our service, 91X will recognize your business along with the program you choose to sponsor. We are a non-commercial radio station, but federal regulations allow us to broadcast a non-promotional announcement acknowledging your donation to the station. You're probably already familiar with the underwriting announcements aired on public television stations.

Many companies use underwriting as a cost-effective way to get their names out to potential customers. Your message will stand out on 91X and won't get lost in the clutter found on commercial radio stations -- because our programming philosophy emphasizes limited interruptions. Name recognition is a primary benefit you'll receive by underwriting on 91X; our listeners will remember your company name and appreciate the fact that your company supports their station.

Businesses know that by supporting 91X they are supporting the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Underwriting on 91X is one way of investing in the University that also pays a dividend back to you, in the form of the positive exposure your company receives.

Your underwriting contribution to 91-ONE, a non-profit organization, may also have tax advantages for your business.

The Bottom Line

To minimize your bookkeeping hassle, all 91X underwriting contracts are written for 13-week quarters; write one easy check and get three months of sponsorship of a 91X program. A quarterly contract can start at any time.

The cost of underwriting on 91X is much less than the cost of advertising on commercial radio. For what you'd expect to spend for two weeks of advertising on a commercial station, you can underwrite a 91X program for an entire 13-week quarter.

Underwriting credits will air at the beginning and end of any 30-60 minute program. For longer programming blocks, underwriting credits will be made at the beginning and end of the program block and once each hour within the block.

Since the underwriting announcements are technically acknowledgements of your donation to 91X, we must receive your contribution before we can legally air any underwriting credit.

Here's what's available for underwriting sponsorship:

Station Sponsorship

For each Station Sponsorship, you will receive credit at the beginning and end of each of five hours of our New Rock programming, spread throughout each of thirteen weeks (sometimes referred to as "run-of-schedule").

Special Programs

Your underwriting announcement will be associated with one of our special programs, including X-Blox, World Cafe, Music Trax, or Crossroads (X-Roads). Program descriptions and airtimes are available through our Schedule page.

"This Program is Made Possible By..."

Thanks to a 1984 FCC ruling on "enhanced underwriting" credits, non-commercial radio stations like 91X can give identifying information in addition to a sponsor's name, including your address and phone number, and a value neutral listing of your primary product line or service.

Such announcements may not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions, price information, or calls to action.

  • Slogans used by businesses are permitted so long as they do not contain comparative ("...best in town...") or qualitative ("...fabulous dining...") descriptions.
  • Addresses are acceptable.
  • Phone numbers are okay, too ("The phone number is...," but not "Call 555-1234").
  • Examples of a prohibited call to action include "Stop by our showroom..." and "Try our product...."
  • The mention of discounts, specials, or savings percentage is forbidden.
  • Underwriting messages cannot be used to endorse or oppose a candidate for political office.

Again, underwriting works best if its used just to keep your name before the public; your image is what the audience will remember. Familiarity and recognition are what you're after.

A typical underwriting announcement might read something like one of these:

"World Cafe is brought to you in part by The Red Radish. A health food store and restaurant featuring natural and vegetarian cuisine, The Red Radish is located at 110 Day Street. Their phone number is 555-1234."

"This hour of 91X programming is made possible by Guy's Photo Supply, an authorized Nikon and Canon dealer offering one-hour film processing. Guy's Photo Supply, located at 407 East Main Street, Monroe."

Closing the Deal

Call our Business Office at (318) 342-5986 and we'll send someone to answer your questions about how your business and 91X are a perfect fit.