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I've got a fever ... a fever baby, and the only cure baby is more of the Shins ...
i love sundays except for that horrifying cover of landslide by smashing pumpkins.
Okay, so I heard a song tonight around 6:00 p.m. but I wasn't near a computer. The lyrics go something like this, although probably not in this order: "so you can worry less for me ... kill me ... so we can all be happy" etc, etc. It was a great song, so could you guys please tell me the title and artist! THANK YOU ... and yes, 91X kicks it!!!
Can I listen to the sation through the internet on a mac that has OS X? I have windows media player but it is not working, it says the server is not responding. When I click on the Winamp AAC+ it downloads a file that has an itunes icon & when i click on that it streams the name of the station in itunes but no music & the timer stays on 0:00. Please let me know. I can't find a station even close to yours here in Atlanta. The alternative stations here stink.
91X used to represent avant-garde music, of all types. it seems it has now become merely a lame mirror of what big industry music business would like us to swallow. wake up! the music that is pushed is lowest common denominator music. designed to appeal to the greatest base of people, without ever being truly amazing to any one. there are a thousand better bands that deserve radio play, if all you want to listen to are billboard hits and what some stuck up jerk at cmj likes, there are plenty of other stations for that. have some cahones and play something different. viva the old 91.1!
I love this station. It's definitely my favorite. However, can I make a request? Try more (or, just play it, since I haven't heard it yet) Depeche Mode, Radiohead, things like that. The sound is killer. However, other than that, I'm loving it. You guys have turned me on to a lot of bands I hadn't even heard of. Thanks!
Just discovered this station today. Reminds me that I'm not the only one out there who still listens to good music. I'm right outside of Ruston so I don't get too good of a connection, but regardless of some static, I'd still pick 91X over any station.
Great music! I've listened off/on for about 15 years and the station is as strong as ever! BTW, Do you have any music from Detour180? I've recently discovered them and think that a few of their songs would be great adds to your rotation. What is the criteria for adding new music?
I was trying to find out the a name of song and it was not announced. so I checked the website under the SONG RECAP funtion and it only diplayed songs that will be played at a later time. I song that interested me was played right around 11:40 am. Please write back. Or help me understand how to use your website. Thanks have great day.
Hey guys. Great station. You need to start playing more of Local H and any of Ken Andrews' projects whether it be Failure, ON, or Year of the Rabbit. If you did that, this station would be perfect!