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I prefer the older format, before you became 91X
91X Rocks!
I heard this song a long long time ago and i don't remember what it was. The song lyrics go: "to the lord, praises be, suppers in the kitchen so let's go eat, we got some beans and some good corn bread, now listen to what the preacher said" (repeats). It had this gospel feel to it and i never caught the name, and maybe it was on a sunday but i don't think so. maybe it was on another station and im loosing my mind.
I heard a song the other day and I was unable to get on here to see who it was or even catch an artist or song name. However the only line I remember is "crying crying crying (not sure how many times they say that) until you cannot not sleep." And I think the next part of the chorus was "crying crying crying until you cannot breathe."
Recently you guys have been playing a new Editors song, "Heads in Bags," which I really love. However, that song wasn't on the band's most recent album. Is it on some single or promo or what? Keep up the great work, by the way - I've been a dedicated listener for 15 years now, and I see no reason to stop.
I just moved to the San Antonio area last month, and my radio station (91.1) is all that I miss from Louisisna. Fortunately I can listen on the web.
I love your station! I go to Tech but I prefer your radio station over most in the area. I've been searching for this type of station of years. Keep it going.
My room mate and his band (Eyes Around) are from Monroe, some of which actually graduated from ULM. They always spoke highly of this station, so the first time I went to Monroe with them, I made sure to listen. It definitely did not disappoint. You guys play incredible music that the radio stations here (Huntsville, Alabama) would never even consider playing ... probably never even heard of. When I found out you had an online broadcast, I was ecstatic! I make sure to have you guys going on my computer at work whenever possible! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!
Yes, you do kick it! Well I just heard Pearl Jam's Wash and was surprised for the pick. Great Job station programer! I have actually been pleasantly surprised by quite a few musical choices including The Smashing Pumpkins and that wonderful Radiohead!!! Keep Lovin It!!
I have a question. What is the Aquatine Hunger Force? I hear it said sometimes between songs. I know you all have been doing this commercial for a few years, but what does it mean?