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Your Sunday program is the best I've listened to. Keep up the great work.
Well, I am at a relative's house in Rayville, Louisiana; I am currently here because of Hurricane Rita. This radio station is the best around here AND where I live(d). You guys play good music. Keep up the good work! :-) --Lauren, originally from Orange, Texas.
I go to La Tech, and I'm not a big ULM fan. But I have to say, your station kicks ours' a**. Just thought you should know.
Could you please tell me the name of the latest Chemical Brothers album? If i'm not mistaken, they just released a new one. I know one came out in January, but isn't there a newer one? Thanks!!! PS- 91X is the only thing that keeps me awake and ticking from 8:30am - 5:00pm! thnx!
i love 91X but its so hard to pick it up in ruston! but i put up with static because its the only station that plays the music i love ... i dance every time i hear a weezer/modest mouse song come on!
This is the best ever. I don't live in Monroe, but a friend of mine does and he hooked me up with y'all site, so I can listen via the net. I'm pumped up.
91X kicks it! ANNNDD. You played a band called PASSENGER once. Can you play them more? I LOVED that song.
Great work guys, you rock! ROCK ON...............
i am listening via the web at work; paramedic with the new town, north dakota ambulance service ... in the heart of the fort berthold indian reservation ... on the bluffs of lake sakakawea. sunday night ... after ten pm cst ... i am sincerely enjoying the music ... with the live programmer. i come from northern minnesota ... home to the most incredible range of public broadcasting ... and am in kind of radio hell out here. i found you through the 'world cafe' website ... and glad i did. again ... wonderful music for a sunday night in the dakota badlands ... especially with a real live programmer. pass the word on to him ... he is making my night.
this is the only radio station i listen to. i have been for 3 years now from college in mn to my most recent lifestyle, ski bum in co. i mold my cd collection from your playlist. it is helpful to see the song recap. dont know what i'd do without kxul.